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Local & global peacebuilding
2014-05-16 “Think globally and act locally”. In many contexts this phrase is heard quite frequently, and to some extent it is true and relevant. But sometimes it is even more important to “think locally and act globally” in order to avoid top-down attitudes and efforts that are neither anchored in nor respectful to local realities /.../ (Ur ledaren "The tricky role-play", Kristina Lundqvist).»

Great Lakes Region: Peace From the Ground Up
Omslag New Routes 2013-12-10 This special issue of New Routes titled “Great Lakes Region: Peace From the Ground Up” is a collaborative effort by LPI, the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) inspired by the IJR and Kroc Institute conference Peace From the Ground Up. The journal presents thorough and inspirational analyses and articles on peacebuilding in the Great Lakes region of Africa with a special focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also contributing to this issue of New Routes is the Kroc Institute at Notre Dame University and the Catholic Peacebuilding Network. This edition of the journal emphasises the understanding that the process of seeking trust, justice and reconciliation cannot be imposed from above or the outside but must involve local actors and stakeholders, it must grow “from the ground up”!»

Signing up for peace
2013-09-21 In july 1814 an army of 45,000 Swedes launched Fälttåget mot Norge, or the Campaign against Norway. After two weeks of hostilities and four days of ceasefire negotiations, the two sides signed the Convention of Moss (a Norwegian town) on 14 August, leading to Norway’s union with Sweden (which was dissolved - peacefully - in 1905). Since then, the country has never been in a state of war again. (ur ledare New Routes 3 2013)»

Hope amid hardships
2013-06-04 During the production of this New Routes issue, spring came to large parts of Sweden after a long and cold winter. After the dark months on these latitudes, people can’t get enough of light and warmth, and when it comes at last, it is as if not only nature but also humans wake up and regain hope and energy /.../ (Ur ledaren)»

Too little or enough? Peacebuilding in small spaces
2013-05-28 This issue of new routes looks at civil society and the concept ‘peacebuilding in small spaces’. It is a global hot topic of crucial interest. Although we may not always reflect on it, ’small’ and other adjectives indicating size are apt to be seen in a process of change: ‘small’ can indicate either widening or shrinking, increasing or decreasing /.../(Ur ledaren).»

#4 2012 Peace without borders
2013-05-08 This issue of New Routes is focusing on the regional Peacebuilding focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of regional organisations and the role of regions in peace making. Among the topics are the benefits of regional learning, gender violence and arms control and regional cooperation in conflict management.»

#3 2012 Food – our most basic need?
2013-05-07 Our focus in this issue is on food security, governance and justice! Reac about: the nexus between scarcity of food and the risk of outbreaks of violence, the volatile link between rising food prices and social unrest, as well as the consequences of climate change on food security.»

#2 2012 A window of opportunity for Sudan?
2013-05-07 In topics like Environment, climate and conflict, Border issues between Sudan and South Sudan, and Abyei - the Kashmir of Sudan, the journal reflects on Sudan's resources, possibilities, challenges and difficulties.»

#1 2012 Free, fair – and nonviolent?
2013-05-07 Free and fair elections are in many aspects seen as the basis for democracy and are mentioned in Article 21 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights: “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic /.../ (Ledare New Routes 1 2012»

NUMBER 4, 2011 African soil for sale: Large-scale land acquisitions
Omslag New Routes 2011-12-21 Food or biocrops: a delicate choice? At first glance it seems quite easy to take a stand at large-scale land acquisition, or “land grab” for short: either you are for it or you are against it. Looking deeper into the matter, however, you realise that it is a complex business that needs to be critically analysed and explored. »

NUMBER 3, 2011 Water - a source of development and conflict
Omslag New Routes 2011-12-20 Water - a source of development and conflict Although parts of humanity take free access to water as something natural, we are aware of its unique importance for all forms of life. Yet, plain water can easily turn into troubled water. With scarcity comes the risk of conflicts over limited resources but also the possibility to share and cooperate.»

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