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Handing over the Reins – interview with Joanna Rein
Joanna Rein 2017-03-08 Rein arrived with a bang when her self-titled debut EP dropped in January 2016 - lots of attention in several big media outlets and great reviews. She’s making it clear that maybe it’s time for the old EBM dragons to hand over the reins (as it were) to a new generation. We decided to get in touch with Joanna Reinikainen to chat a little bit about creating music and creativity. Läs mer...»

Release nr 1/98
2001-03-30 Det sista numret innan pappers-Release lades på is. Kanske också det framgångsrikaste. Intervjuer med Depeche Mode, Portishead, Suicide, Pig, Saft, Float, Arcana, Malaise, Evils Toy, Sorten Muld, M...»

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