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Science/Fiction vol 47
2020-06-21 Science and fiction rule our lives. The laws of physics seem set in stone while the laws of man are arbitrary mirrors of the morality o What machineries of death and destruction are we yet to invent in the name of money (which used to be metal and paper but is now to a great extent nothing but speculation and expectations)? What (or who) else meet in the intersection between science fiction and real science? What came first? The egg or the hatching machine?f the times. Gods and spirits are creations of the mind but also the explanation when comprehension fails. What lies beyond our understanding? Is it more science or something else? What dark forces lurk outside our field of vision?»

Deep vol 46
2020-05-21 What do we find in the depths? What lies in the depths of the oceans? What hides in the deep darkness of the corner of your room when you’re about to fall asleep? What thoughts trickle through your mind when looking deeply inwards, what do we find when we look where we can’t see?»

Qtopia vol 45
2019-09-30 So many LGBTQ narratives end in tragedy as a consequence of the LGBTQ-hood of the characters. Those stories are important because LGBTQ people are still being targeted by prejudice, discrimination and violence, but in this volume of CBA we encouraged artists to do something different. To tell queer stories where the queerness isn’t a narrative catalyst for bad things, but rather a source for joy or love or just one characteristic among others. Queer tales about situations involving LGBTQ characters. Utopian queer tales in the sense that everything might not be perfect, but at least the horrible things that happen don’t have anything to do with the characters’ sexual orientation.»

Lore #44
2019-05-23 Folklore - it’s the stories our parents told us as children as well as a glimpse into another world, of fairies, trolls, and magic. But folklore is more than just stories about bad children who get eaten by witches; it’s our shared fears, hopes and dreams and they often share similar themes across the world. Folk tales have been told by an infinite number of people with equally infinite motives; some to warn, others to encourage and some who just try to make sense of the world around them. In volume 44 of CBA we want to dig deep into the roots of folklore from different cultures and explore what it has to say about ourselves as human beings regardless of nationality.»

Corners #43
2018-12-23 I’ll see you around the corner. Yeah, cool, but where exactly is that? Corners are physical and mental places. Whether it’s is in your room or by the street down the block, they can be mysterious and shady spots. Corners have secrets to hide and stories to tell. Streets are packed with them, but so are the insights of the mind and its verging thoughts; so are comics as a panelled narration form. They host dust and spider webs, they might be grimy and smell like shit, but overall, corners are meeting points. Literally the angles made when two ways intersect. But also where two feelings or two people collide.»

Subversive Superhero Stories #42
2018-08-01 In this volume of CBA the focus is on superheroes, but instead of the conventional view we have instead subverted the genre, resulting in comics and texts that really explore something different within the superhero genre.»

Worst Case Scenario #40-41 2018
2018-06-24 What’s the worst that could happen? And if that happens, what’s the worst that could happen? And if that happens, what’s the worst that could happen? And so on… There’s a psychiatric method in cognitive behavioral therapy called “The Downward Arrow Technique” where you begin by writing down the answers to this repeated question and we thought it’d be the perfect theme for our upcoming CBA vol 40. Especially since this is an election year in Sweden. Especially since war and famine and climate change and personal disasters are on the horizon. So how bad can it get?»

Fragments CBA #38-39
omslag 2018-04-22 The past can be found in the form of small parts inside your body. Some parts are impossible to get rid of. Maybe they’re important, maybe they’re not. But they do exist for a reason. What is your reason? Even though your past time is out of reach, there is always the possibility of deciding how it will look in front of other people. What would your fragments look like if you showed them in public? »

In the pits of madness
Omslag 2017-12-21 Let’s plunge together into the pits of madness. Let’s watch the dissolution of reality, let’s dance with clear heads and see where it takes us. Let’s travel the river hiding in the desert sands until the wind rises and we reach the final collapse. Let’s look deep into the eye of the tiger. And see afterwards if we dare to dream. Horror meets madness and the inevitable collapse in this new volume of CBA, beautifully drawn and painted in heavy brush strokes and oil paint and sharp lines and halftones. With a cover illustration printed only in spot gloss varnish.»

En juste antologi
2017-02-26 Föreningen CBK, C’est Bon Kultur startade i seriehuvudstaden Malmö 2001 med dess organ, tidskriften C’est Bon Anthology. Syfte var att bygga en vidgad föreställning om seriens natur utifrån ett internationellt sammanhang. Jag föreställer mig ett antal serieälskare, kritiskt intellektuellt orienterade som ställer frågor om hur konstarten kan komma till uttryck. Hur kristaliserar serien som så människans tänkade i förhållande till etik och estetik? Vad gör seriekulturen speciell? Text och bild sammanflätat. Kommer någon serieepiker få nobelpriset? Att Horace Engdahl ställde upp göra TV med Liv Strömquist var säkert bara ett sätt att bereda marken. 2015 fick en journalist priset och förra året en trubadur, så visst man bör inte förvånas om litteraturgenrern redan i år koloniserar seriekonsten. Kanske finns den nobelpristagaren bland CBAs medverkande. Till Mattias Elftorp som varit med från börja, ställer jag frågan varför CBA vänt sig till ett internationellt sammanhang, malmöiter som man är? 2012 skrev serievetaren Thomas Karlsson i Kulturdelen att C’est Bon Kultur aldrig tvekat att utmana konventioner kring vad som går att publicera i Sverige.»

Bleed (volume 35)
omslagsbild 2016-11-24 Blood is of the essence. It can be a mesmerizing thing. Either when it gushes from an artery or trickles down a finger, drips delicately from the ceiling or whooshes in your ears.»

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