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Release OEI #94–95: Geografier
2022-03-31 Var: Index, Torsdag 7 April 7, kl 18.00 Medverkande: Gunnar Olsson, Johan Redin, Christina Kullberg, Erik Bryngelsson, Anna Enström, Johanna Adolfsson, Pontus Pettersson, Minus Miele, Jonathan Brott, Eva Arnqvist, Cecilia Grönberg & Jonas (J) Magnusson »

Geografier #94–95
2022-03-30 OEI #94-95 devotes 464 pages to ”geographies” and includes works on and by Gunnar Olsson, Élisée Reclus, Pjotr Kropotkin, Doreen Massey, David Harvey, Christina Kullberg, Minna Henriksson, Erik Bryngelsson, Bureau d’Études, Raymond Williams, Carla Zaccagnini & Santiago Costantino, Trevor Paglen, Peder Alexis Olsson, Hérodote, Antipode, Eva Arnqvist, Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas, Lytle Shaw, Jasna Jaksić, Bogdanka Poznanović, Radmila Iva Janković, Ivan Koarić, Jonas (J) Magnusson, Nicolas Pesquès, Johannes Fridholm, Strabon, Johan Redin, Ptolemaios, Gustav Sjöberg, Edmund Husserl, Michael Marder, Georges Bataille, Katja Aglert, Filip Lindberg, Raketa, Minus Miele, Augustin Berque, Christian Abrahamsson, Alexander von Humboldt, Franz Boas, Runo Lagomarsino, Alfred Wegener, Jonathan Brott, Louis Marin, Edwin Abbott Abbott, Anna Enström, Immanuel Kant, Axel Andersson, Mary Hunter Austin, Johanna Adolfsson, Mattias Legnér, FRAUD (Audrey Samson & Francisco Gallardo), Emmeli Person, Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Pontus Pettersson, Mattias Jacobsson, Michel Chaillou, Cecilia Grönberg, Pehr Tham, Lasse Krog Møller, Kristoffer Ørum, Erika Arzt & Juan Linares, Martin Grennberger, Bo Anders Persson, Buckminster Fuller, Glenn Gould, Indigenous Peoples Atlas Of Canada »

Lettrist Corpus: The Complete Magazines #92–93
2021-11-03 This special issue, guest edited by writer, curator and sound artist Frédéric Acquaviva, is the very first comprehensive publication on Lettrist magazines. It describes, shows and contextualizes all issues of all 119 magazines created between 1946 and 2016 in, or in connection to, Lettrism - this vibrant and dynamic French avantgarde movement whose publishing adventures and efforts have, until OEI #92-93, been far too little known.»

Moving mountains & mounting transitions
2021-04-05 Med anledning av utställningen Redaktionellt tänkande på galleriet Index ordnar OEI ett två dagars evenemang där konstnärer, redaktörer, publisister, författare, lärda bjuds in att reflektera över redaktionellt tänk i relation till deras olika utföranden.»

Sickle of Syntax & Hammer of Tautology # 90-91
2021-03-10 “’Political’ determinants predominate in the narrative of Yugoslavian concrete poetry, which we present in this issue of OEI. These politics are justified, I would argue, because the inclusion of uneven dynamics enables us to look at the underground, dirty, and distorting aspects of socialist artistic modernism. The reason why some artists and theoreticians are overrepresented compared to others has to do with their politics, which is more aligned with uneven and unpredictable experimental formations than with idealized and purified forms. By giving emphasis to formations rather than forms, and processes instead of structures, my aim here has been to provide a picture of a more vibrant Yugoslavia. The artists and poets of this uneven Yugoslavia were unruly, confrontational, and brave. They were, as Davidson argued, referring to Krishan Kumar, the avant-gardists who thought that ’modern society was not modern enough’.”»

Serier #88-89
2020-06-11 OEI #88-89 2020: Serier undersöker den tecknade serien med särskilt fokus på seriemediets materiella aspekter och seriens deltagarestetik. Den tecknade serien förutsätter en deltagande läsare. Detta är dels mycket konkret. Den tecknade serien, serieboken, kommunicerar explicit med ett antal olika komponenter som uppträder i en specifik relation såväl inbördes som till läsaren. Bild, text, formgivning, sekvensering, och så vidare, aktualiseras och upprättas i en rumslig konstellation genom att läsaren kopplas till mediet. Läsaren är med andra ord högst delaktig i att sätta samman seriens meningsskapande materiella förutsättningar.»

OEI release #86-87 och om publicering och utvidgade böcker
2020-03-03 OEI bringing together contributions from circa 130 publishing structures, publishing communities, magazines, small press endeavors, artists, poets, writers, editors, theoreticians, curators, scholars, and art bookstores, OEI # 86-87 reflects upon the challenges, pressures and possibilities of publishing and creating publics in different contexts and places in a time of far-reaching - economical, medial, political, social, technological - transformations. The potential and the versatility of publishing open it to a diversity of practices and approaches in the arts, but as an eminently social form of art, a collective or micro-collective work with shared responsibilities, it is also a never-ending process of “crafting a variegated approach to how you create, publish, distribute, and build a social ecosystem around your efforts”, of trying to “build up and strengthen the community around these printed forms” (Temporary Services). »

Våtmarker & experiment #84-85
2019-12-28 OEI #84-85: Våtmarker & experiment (592 sidor)»

Våtmarker & experiment
2019-06-13 Tisdagen den 18 juni, kl 18-22 är det en release för OEI #84-85 i huvudstaden!?, men hur som helst med dessa aspekter kan alla hälsas välkomna till presentationer, uppläsningar, reflexioner, interventioner, screenings, bog water & mud cake angående OEIs senast producerade #.»

Vårens händelser och utgivning av OEI och OEI editör
2019-04-07 OEI startar vårens späckade program i Los Angeles och sedan till Berlin för att sedan i maj-juni vara lite mer på hemmaplan i Sverige med en release av OEI #84-85, galleriet Index, Stockholm. Arrangemangen är som följer»

Art in the Age of Kleptomania #82-83
2018-12-03 OEI #82-83: Art in the Age of Kleptomania contains essays, artworks, and archival materials by twenty one artists, theorists, writers, and artist run spaces (mostly from the Americas). The subject of the issue is art and neoliberalism, and it encompasses essays, images and other works by Dorothée Dupuis, Max Jorge Hindered Cruz, Luciano Concheiro, Yvonne Osei, Diego Bruno, John Riepenhoff, Suhail Malik, Good Weather, The Luminary, Bikini Wax, Beta-Local and more.»

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